The benefits of using Grant Funding Skills are:

Experience - opportunity to access and use a broad range of knowledge and experience from a well respected consultant who has written and advised on bids which have secured over £32,000,000 into Cheshire from a broad range of UK funding sources since 1998.

Cost effective - an additional resource which can be used on a project-by-project basis or over a fixed term contract, so no long term commitments associated with full-time employees.

A different perspective - as an outsider looking in, an impartial assessment of your grant applications can be made before they are submitted to ensure they stand the best chance of success.

Pragmatism - a pragmatic evaluation of your requirements will determine whether Grant Funding Skills can help. Grant Funding Skills will only take on project work which can be delivered. It costs nothing to have an initial chat to scope out your requirements.

Partnership working - Grant Funding Skills has over 12 years experience of bringing cross-sector organisations across Cheshire together to work on joint projects. Partnership working can significantly increase your chances of success.

Tendering - the principles of applying for grant funding are broadly similar to tendering for contracts. In a competitive and professional bidding environment, only the most robust grant applications and tenders will stand a chance of success.

Location - we can work onsite in your offices or remotely from our Cheshire base.